Mephibosheth House

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Dachmy Milcent (Dadou)

  • He’s very smart and is learning how to speak English.
  • Dadou is a very happy and smiles often.
  • He has C.P. like symptoms which limits the use of hands and legs.
  • He cannot walk but is very mobile and is now using a walker.


Sterline Marie Cesca Pierre (Lugina)

  • She’s a happy little girl and loves being held.
  • She likes stretching out across a lap.
  • She has C.P. like symptoms and an undiagnosed mental disability.
  • She doesn’t talk and is unable to walk but can crawl short distances.
  • She is blind but is able to recognize and respond to voices.


Shelove Pierre

  • She was delivered to our gate with a note taped to her naked, malnourished body saying that she was no longer needed.
  • At first she was very resistant to any touch, but now she is one of our huggers and loves to be around people.
  • C.P. like symptoms limiting her speech and movements.
  • She is severely mentally delayed.


Emerson Celestin

  • Has a gentle, quiet spirit.
  • Servant-hearted and will often watch out for the other kids.
  • Very aware of his surroundings and loves to laugh.
  • Mentally disabled and has a stomach growth. Beginning doctor visits to treat the growth.


Junior Joseph

  • He is very bright and will try anything!
  • Loves dominos, Jenga, and any form of cards or balls.
  • Very helpful with other children.
  • Has learned to write with his left foot.
  • C.P. like symptoms which limits the use of his legs and hands.
  • He has limited hearing.


Lenard Stevenson (Son Son)

  • Has become one of the M House favorites.
  • He came to us as a crawler and now uses a walker.
  • Son Son likes to be in the action and in motion.
  • He is a very smart and determined boy.
  • He has C.P. like symptoms, which limits the use of his hands and legs.


Rolande Jean (Lande)

  • She is very independent, fun and happy.
  • She has 1 sister and 1 brother.
  • She is the oldest.
  • She is physically and mentally challenged.


Nadege Louis (Nadoo)

  • She is the M House sweetheart.
  • She came to Mephibosheth as a crawler, now uses a walker.
  • She enjoys singing, laughing and “doing hair.”
  • C.P. like symptoms that limit the use of her legs.
  • Her protruding teeth make it hard for her to close her mouth.


Immaculouith Jean Baptiste (Ki Ki)

  • He has a very happy spirit and loves to smile.
  • Simple toys will keep him content all day.
  • He loves to play catch with a ball.
  • C.P. type symptoms that limit his ability to walk and talk.
  • He is learning to use sign language to communicate.


Ruth Azor (Wheat)

  • Wheat is earnest at prayer and worship.
  • She has a gentle spirit and is easily moved to tears.
  • Wheat is very happy and loves to hug and smile.
  • She loves to sing, dance, and play with the other girls.
  • She does well in school.
  • Wheat has Down Syndrome.


Herline Tham (Da Da)

  • Da Da loves to create “treasures” out of found objects.
  • She likes to have her hair done.
  • She enjoys music and loves to dance.
  • She is always smiling.
  • Mentally challenged, humped back and walks with a limp.


Ralph Thierry (Tito)

  • My birthdate: February 10, 2016 (assigned)
  • There is no other personal information on him.
  • His mom left him at the clinic. The clinic delivered him to us for his care.
  • His name and birthdate were assigned to him by child services of Haiti.
  • His nickname was given to him by the M House


Moise Samy Pierre

  • This little boy was left in Cabaret on a Saturday afternoon. Left on the street in front of the Catholic Church on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon.
  • The police were called. No one knew of him.
  • They brought him to the M House. We received him.
  • We guess he is 2 to 3 years old.
  • He has hydrocephalus…fluid build up within the brain.
  • He has no use of his legs. He seems sharp, and very happy and social able.


Sylvie Cineas (Shelame)

  • Shelame is very helpful, shy and kind.
  • She is beginning to learn in school.
  • She loves to worship, sing and dance.
  • Shelame has Down Syndrome


Shelton Lestin

  • He is very energetic and has a sharp mind.
  • Shelton is fun and happy and always loves to have a good time.
  • He likes getting into mischief with Dadou and Manou.
  • Shelton has C.P. type symptoms that limit the use of his legs and hands.
  • Communicates with sounds and simple sign language.


Stevenson Jules Fils

  • He is very funny, lovable and likes giving hugs.
  • He came to the M House with a ponytail (a man after Steve’s own heart).
  • When the music starts he begins to smile and move his body; he likes to think he can play the harmonica.
  • His love of dance is catching on with the other kids.
  • Stevenson has Down Syndrome.


Marckendy St Paul (Kendy)

  • Kendy has 2 brothers.
  • Kendy is a happy, fun and lovable boy.
  • He is physically and mentally challenged.



  • My birthday is July 25, 2011
  • My birthplace is Kenskoff
  • My Dad’s name is Joel Joseph Macon
  • My Mom’s name is Carline Jean Baptiste (deceased)
  • His father lives in Kenskoff on the top of the mountain. After his mom died, his father brought him to Dio’s church and “donated” him.
  • He is very smart, has a wonderful personality and he is already referred to as “Little Dio”
  • Loves Pastor Dio and follows him everywhere.
  • Md. Dio feels that God sent him to take over the M House someday.


Sarah Mechidaelle Augustin

  • She’s sweet-natured, smiles all the time and is very smart.
  • She’s friendly and always ready to pose for a photo.
  • She has great mobility when using her walker.
  • She only has full use of her left hand. Uses a walker.


Emmanual Yonel (Manou)

  • He and Dadou are inseparable and love to play ball together.
  • He has changed a lot in the past couple of years – from being rebellious to becoming more of a leader to the other M House kids.
  • He is doing well at school and wants to be a police officer when he grows up.
  • Manou has C.P. type symptoms that limit the use of his legs and hands. Gets around well with a walker or wheelchair.


Andrize Exil

  • Her Mother left her every day in the care of a neighbor who beat
  • and used her.
  • She came to us as a crawler and now uses a walker.
  • She loves to sing and often blesses the M House with her beautiful voice.
  • She is an excellent student.
  • Andrize has C.P. type symptoms that gives her limited use of her legs so she often uses a wheelchair to get around.


Kimberlie Noel (Jovanie)

  • Her father brought her to us: sick and filthy.
  • Her mind seems slow but she wants to touch and try everything.
  • She is very happy with a positive personality.
  • She is a fun, sassy girl and likes to flirt with Manou.
  • She can’t walk without assistance and often falls. Her body is very stiff and she moves with awkward, jerky motions.


Duratel Desilnond (Di Di)

  • He is a sweet little boy who loves to laugh and have fun.
  • He likes to steal food when no one’s watching.
  • Di Di is a very slow student.
  • He likes to tease the other M House kids.
  • Di Di is mentally challenged and has hydrocephalus (an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain) which gives him a large head.



  • Information coming soon.


Francky Marilien

  • He seems very smart, likable and has a fun personality…full of dancing.
  • Francky enjoys music and has great rhythm.
  • He has never attended school.
  • His brother tried killing him.
  • Both of Francky’s hands are deformed. He has three fingers on each hand.


John Peter Lamarre (You You)

  • My birthdate: June 4, 2002
  • My birthplace is Gros Morne, Haiti
  • My Dad’s name is Delano
  • My Mom’s name is Yolande
  • My Sister’s name is Rose-Berlanita
  • My Brother’s name is Kevinsley (No No)
  • On June 26,2016, he was brought to the M House by his mom and dad They said the just could not care for the boys.
  • He is very bright.
  • He is very protective of his brother Kevinsley.
  • He loves math.



  • My birthdate: September 17, 2011 (assigned)


Kevinsley Lamarre (No No)

  • My birthdate is February 5, 2009
  • My birthplace is Gros Morne, Haiti
  • My Dad’s name is Delano
  • My Mom’s name is Yolande
  • My Sister’s name is Rose-Berlanita
  • My Brother’s name is John Peter (You You)
  • He is very short.
  • He has difficulty walking.
  • He is very bright.
  • He is very protective of his brother John Peter.
  • He loves rice.


Abigaille Louis (Abie)

  • No one knows anything about her. Social Affairs delivered her to us.
  • We assigned her a name.
  • Abie was found in the streets and delivered to the clinic. 3 days later she was delivered to us at the M House.


Sandina Gedeon

  • My birthdate: September 17, 2011
  • My mother’s name is Aliandra Gedeon
  • I do not have a father