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Lucky Ingosi

  • The chief of his village brought him & his brother, Lincon, to Evelyn.
  • Their father killed their mother during a fight and then hung himself. Both Lincon and Lucky witnessed the murder. He has finally stopped crying.
  • He is quite an entertainer! He loves tickles!
  • He is always happy and likes to make everyone else happy too.
  • He seems to have suffered less than my brother.


Loreen Ingosi

  • Her mother and father both died of AIDS.
  • She was a house girl. Her boss sexually/physically abused her, refused her food, and beat her.
  • She is currently in Boarding school and doing well.
  • Her jobs at the center are to clean the kitchen, supervise homework for all the children and brushing everyone’s shoes.
  • She loves school.
  • She seems to be traumatized.


Kamou Ingosi

  • His mother died while giving birth to him.
  • His father and 3 brothers visit on occasion and receive food and school assistance from Upendo.
  • Kamou is always smiling.
  • He loves football.
  • He is a “miracle child.”


Evelyne Ingosi

  • Evelyne was found abandoned on the street.
  • Her mother Milicah, age 16, came back to get her. At the time Milicah was pregnant and ready to deliver but miscarried and almost bled to death.
  • Her health has improved a lot. She is speaking well and asks for her needs now.
  • She has started walking and is beginning to talk.
  • She is always unhappy. She was traumatized.


Nevin Ingosi

  • Nevin was at the Day Care Center when his mother died of AIDs.
  • He wants to drive a taxi some day.


Steven Ingosi

  • He came to Upendo when he was 1 ½ years old.
  • His mom was an HIV small group friend of Evelyn. She died of AIDS.
  • He was born HIV Positive and today I am HIV Negative.
  • His job at the center is to carry the plates and cups after the meals and to play with Blessing and Tracy.
  • he does well in school and can dress himself.
  • He is always smiling.  He is a very happy boy.


Emmanuel Sipila Ingosi

  • His mother went mad and is living with her mother.
  • He has no father and no siblings that we know of.
  • His grandmother is trying to hide him from his father’s side of the family. They are not good people.
  • He is a good student, loves school and has improved a lot.
  • He has “nobody” from mother's side, the safe side to help him.


Blessing Ingosi

  • She was born January 5, 2013 at 9:00 PM and delivered to Upendo 60 minutes later. Evelyn was alerted to her by a knock on the door. She answered and found only the petticoat and this newborn.
  • 4 days later a young boy checked on her and left some information, never to return.
  • He is am now walking and beginning to talk…Mama Gowen
  • He is a household favorite.
  • He is the happiest child at the center. Always singing and dancing.


Tracy Mutioba Ingosi

  • Tracy is the granddaughter of Evelyn Ingosi.
  • Her mother’s name is Gowen and she was 16 yrs old at Tracy’s birth.
  • Gowen was raped by her high school teacher and became pregnant with Tracy.
  • She is very happy, very funny and makes her Grandma happy.
  • She is walking and talking and very active.
  • She always gets her hair done because my mother loves to do it.


Lincon Ingosi

  • No information about his birthdate. He was born at home so there are no birth records.
  • The chief of his village brought him & his brother, Lucky, to Evelyn. He is the older brother.
  • Their father killed their mother during a fight and then hung himself. Both Lincon and Lucky witnessed this and Lincon can still tell the story.
  • He carries a small toy propeller around because he wants to be a pilot when he grows up.
  • He was traumatized and is still carrying images of the past.
  • He loves school and has a positive attitude.


Moses Tyron Ingosi

  • His mother was an HIV Client of Huduma who died of AIDS.
  • His father was in a car accident and cannot walk.
  • He is very smart and wants to be a policeman.
  • He is a very serious student/person.
  • He loves to study.
  • He is much happier than he used to be.


Joyline Atieno Ingosi

  • Her mother did not want her and we have no information on her father.
  • Her aunt brought her to Upendo Daycare Center and never came back to pick her up. 
  • HIV positive, she takes Arv’s (HIV medicine)
  • She is a happy and a good student.
  • She wants to be a model.
  • She use to get sick all the time and doesn’t any more.


David (no one knows)

  • He has no mother and his father just left him and is mentally ill and cannot walk.
  • He comes from a Moslem family who is very poor.
  • He may be on the autism spectrum but we are not sure.
  • He doesn’t talk and is still in diapers.
  • He can feed himself but is very messy.


Bryan Ingosi

  • He was born July 3, 2000.
  • He is Evelyn’s youngest of three children.
  • When Blessing is sick, he won’t eat because he is so worried. He loves Blessing like his own. He is always checking on her.
  • His job at the center is to read Bible Stories to the children before they go to bed.
  • He loves to read and is very helpful, especially with the younger children.
  • He is a football player.


Vivian Ambermi

  • Her mother died of HIV.
  • Her father was shocked by the death of his wife and is jobless, sick, and confused. He is also mentally ill.
  • She has 2 brothers: Bryan age 7 and Justus age 5 who both eat at Upendo…we pay her school fees.
  • She is so loving.
  • She used to cry when anyone looked at her, now she smiles.


Milicah Nasimiyu Ingosi

  • She was born August 29, 1996.
  • Upendo found her alongside Kawangare path miscarrying while her 1 year old baby daughter watched. Upendo found her, saved her, adopted her and her baby.
  • She dreams of becoming a tailor and clothes designer and doing well.
  • She would also like to follow in the footsteps of Evelyn as director of Upendo


Gowen Ingosi (Ashanti)

  • She was born July 19, 1996.
  • She is Evelyn’s second oldest child and very supportive and understanding of her mother and Upendo.
  • She left school at 15 with no explanation. Later it was found out that she was raped by her teacher.
  • She fears school but we are encouraging her to go back as she is an excellent student.
  • She has become much happier – and carries the vision for Upendo.
  • She dreams of owning a beauty salon. She is now going to beauty school.
  • She helps cook at Upendo.
  • She has a daughter named Tracy Mutioba.


Ignius Ingosi

  • His mother was an HIV Client of Huduma and has died.
  • He was living with his grandmother. 6 years ago his grandmother left him at the Day Care Center and has not returned.
  • He is a very good student. He loves to learn and wants to be a doctor.
  • He is very helpful around the home and the school.
  • He is a very likeable boy and has a great personality.
  • Rain or shine he leaves for school early and studies really hard.
  • He loves to tutor the younger boys and teach the kids songs.



Moses Ingosi

  • Birthdate: February 4, 2016
  • Evelyne found him in a garbage dump when he was 3 hours old